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Our humble beginnings

After opening as edwardjames in early 2005, operating out of a (very) modest office on Pitt St, our humble agency has steadily grown and evolved into a pulsating hub of creative minds.

In early 2019, after significant company growth, extensions and improvements to our range of client services, as well as the addition of a number of new creative team members, edwardjames rebranded to James Agency. The shift is not only a shift of style; it’s a paradigm shift in the workings of our agency. Working with a myriad of institutions and individuals of a number of years has evidenced that our clients require increasingly intelligent brands in order to gain market traction. After more than 17 years of honing our skills, our experience and our team has uniquely positioned us to provide precisely such brands to our current and future clients.

Integrity comes first, not only in client relationships, but in the way we conduct our work in the studio.

James Dykes

Founder + Managing Director

With over 20 years in the property and creative sector; acting as both Managing Director and Creative Lead, James is a man of many hats, as driven by innovation in design as he is by effective client relations.

Before finishing high school, James was already producing the kind of marketing tools still widely used in the industry today. At seventeen he was Co-Founder of the first commercial property internet portal, preceding the popular and platforms. Moving quickly into a senior IT role and management position, James began developing innovative web programs and apps, including a sophisticated print management system designed to cater for all professional design and advertising studios.

Before long into his early 20s, the property industry began knocking on his door again, marking the beginning of a now 20+ year career in property marketing and design. Since then, James has been forming close collaborative relationships across the property and creative industries, spanning retail, commercial, residential and industrial sectors. His expertise has come to span design, branding, marketing and the end-to-end management of large-scale campaigns.

“It’s also nice to be able to give something back to the community,” he says, referring to a 18-year involvement with the Property Industry Foundation charity benefiting homeless youth, for which James is part of the business development and marketing team, as well as a gold corporate donor among other industry leaders. “It connects us to other property leaders that recognise we’re a large industry, and that comes with great opportunity but also great responsibility.” For James, running a successful studio entails looking at the big picture, and driving toward creating positive change wherever possible. He consistently offers genuine, innovative and creative advice to colleagues and clients.

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