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Alpine Projects

As a well-established name in the property industry, with their brand adorning cranes and property developments across Australia, when Alpine Property approached us to inject new life into their brand, we recognised that our task had to be more of an update than an overhaul.

Working within Alpine’s existing aesthetic, we retained the brand’s colours while introducing a fresh brand insignia, supported by strong modern typography and a refreshed brand tone constructed by our expert copywriters. The result is recognisably Alpine, but a modern and innovative brand that rightly (re)positions the company as a leading Australian developer.

Our role as Brand Consultants entails ascertaining not only where our clients are in the market, but where they want to be, and how they need to look and how they need to sound in order to get there. Not every company wants to (or should want to) look like a large corporation, but once a company begins to inhabit that space, it’s imperative to have a credible, professional brand to reinforce the company’s actual market position.