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aperture marrickville

A photography theme for the photogenic Inner West.

Sydney’s vibrant and eclectic Inner West is a melting pot of creative culture, including artists, photographers, foodies and free spirits. To capture the essence of this edgy urban village, we put together a striking, vibrant campaign, foregrounded with a bold swatch palette and conceptually driven by a focus on all things photography. We hired an incredible local photographer to stake out some local favourites, put together an unmissable flat-lying sales brochure, and made the most of a small space, creating a high-impact display suite in the heart of Marrickville.

Click. Zoom. Focus.

Our in-house copywriter weaved together a compilation of clever key messages, combined with rich and informative body copy that paints a picture of the local area as a cliquey (and ‘click-y’) café culture, with convenient centrality and creative inspiration on every corner.

“the Aperture aesthetic is deliberately dynamic; there’s an energy to the rotation and placement of imagery and brand elements, such that being audience to it is an exercise in ‘framing’, it’s an inaction of it’s own meaning.”