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artisan centennial park

A hand-crafted custom brand for Centennial Park.

When the brief is for an exclusive development of only fourteen apartments, and it’s in a location as amazing as Centennial Park in Sydney, it had better stand out. For this project, and working with the elite team of Fox Johnston, JGCo and CPM Realty, we drew our inspiration from the development’s uniquely handcrafted feel — the inclusion of natural materials and exceptional designer touches. The emphasis on boutique, handmade luxury became the core of the brand, and a subsequent sense of exclusivity ran throughout the campaign.

Sometimes a word is almost enough to create the whole campaign. Of course, it has to be elaborated on, but when the title of ‘Artisan’ was settled on for this project we knew exactly where to go with it. That’s why the name is so important, because occasionally that’s all a buyer hears or sees, so you want it to say as much as possible about the product, and Artisan does just that.

Taking ‘set in stone’ to a whole new level.

We created a stunning display suite for the Artisan project in Centennial Park, complete with bespoke project lettering at the entrance, the inclusion of natural materials and high end finishes board. We also produced a sleek oversized brochure inspired by the building’s unique architecture.