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Aussie Strata Storage

Loud, proud, and with more than a dash of green and gold, the Aussie Strata Storage brand is unmissable, and undeniably Aussie. As one Australia’s most established providers of storage units and industrial warehouses, it’s fitting that Aussie Storage’s branded collateral is unapologetic in its vibrance, and more than a little conversational in its tone.

Foregrounded with bold uppercase typography, Aussie Strata Storage’s website and mail-outs announce themselves with a certain friendly pride, speaking to the company’s position as both an established and authoritative, yet still local and humble, market leader.

It’s a truism, almost a cliche, to say that a brand is a company’s personality. In the case of Aussie Strata Storage we let the Aussie side of the company shine, with a visual and verbal tone that is casual, approachable, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.