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CPG Commercial Property Group

What’s in a name? For Commercial Property Group — at least in terms of brand recognition and search results — the answer, unfortunately, was not much. Armed with the task of increasing the brand’s visibility in the market (without destroying their already-established brand credibility), we proposed that Commercial Property Group rebrand as CPG, with a modernised brand insignia, a more clearly-defined brand palette, and a strict style guide that determines the brand’s application across a plethora of print and digital material. The result is a decisively more clear and consistent brand, wider market recognition and a streamlined production process for the company’s many assets.

The goal of a rebrand is very rarely the ground-up creation of a new brand for our clients. Rather, the goal is to leverage the client’s existing credibility while updating their visual and verbal tone to be at the forefront of today’s market. It’s a balancing act; it entails considering the memory of existing clientelle alongside the expectations of new clients and customers.