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As a reputable construction company working on a number of substantial apartment developments, Ericon’s previous website required a complete overhaul if it was going to adequately convey the calibre of Ericon’s work and team to potential buyers and investors. Accordingly, we stripped back the colours and elements of the website such that the brand speaks for itself, complemented by quality CGIs and succinct, articulate copy.

The secret to a successful brand update is harnessing the strongest existing elements — whether it be a form, colour palette, a particular typeface — and jettisoning all unnecessary, superfluous elements. In the case of Ericon, we simplified their brand insignia, utilising its form to inspire the geometric layout of the company’s brand new website.

By combining such bold forms and layouts and bringing the company’s strong Prussian blue to the foreground, we were able to create a striking responsive website design, and a cohesive suite of branded stationery that conveys the company’s reputation and extensive development experience.