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grandfield kellyville

Kellyville’s first apartments get a bright introduction

Breezy. Vibrant. Community spirit. These are the terms locals used to describe Kellyville in interviews conducted for a slick promotional video we organised for the Grandfield project. Designed by the incredible team at Kannfinch, Grandfield was something new and vibrant coming to an already bright, friendly and community-oriented area, being the first development of its kind in Kellyville.

Accordingly, it was a fitting approach to announce the project in a bold and vibrant way, with an unmissable palette and an elaborate display suite. Driving through kellyville, it’s difficult to miss the hundreds of metres of vibrant orange that lead to our Grandfield sales suite, supported by an online project video, website and 24-page brochure.

Grandfield was able to secure a really iconic place in the market. The orange became instantly recognisable, and that’s exactly what we wanted.
You know it’s going to be a good campaign when even the signage installation team are receiving enquiries from the public on the day they’re putting up the first bits of collateral. We were thrilled to produce something so eye-catching and iconic in the market.