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lewis & co alexandria

Fusing heritage and modernity to market a boutique block in a chic, industrial NYC-style location.

Commissioned by Capital Developments and Sotheby’s International Realty, we were given the task of creating a unique identity for a boutique set of only 19 residences at the historic Lewis Pulleys site, adjacent to Alexandria Park. Inspired by the site’s unique and stunning integration of old and new, history and innovation, we created an identity that is at once vintage and sleek, contemporary but rooted in historical connection.

It’s all about balance.

Lewis & Co. blends dissonant palettes, design styles and materials to create a uniquely iconic brand, and one that unsurprisingly achieved enormous success on release. We almost had to buy one ourselves.

A gorgeous, large format brochure was finished with copper sewing and foil finish, supported by a full website, extensive digital media and an industrial styled display suite in the heart of Alexandria.

It can be a challenge to get a job that is two seemingly opposing things at once — something so new and refined in an area so historical and industrial. We focused on the texture of the place, which says quality and history… and it worked perfectly with our clean modern design style.