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Mia Five Dock

With a stunning brick facade and magnificent arch windows, Mia in Five Dock was designed as a heritage-inspired development within one of Sydney’s most historic areas. The tagline ‘what’s mine is yours’ speaks to the brand’s target demographic of young families, while the name Mia derives from the Italian word for ‘my’ — embracing a sense of local pride and referencing the strong Italian community in the area.

Grounded in a warm and approachable brand palette of deep blues and beige highlights, we created a unique campaign centred around a sense of community, supported by a premium foiled brochure, website and online advertising, press placements, sales books and promotional video.

In order for property brands in particular to be effective, it’s imperative they not only draw on the project’s location, but utilise that locale as the core essence of the brand and marketing campaign. A new home is the most significant purchase most people will ever make, and they won’t do so without a strong connection to buying into that location; not just that home, but that place as a whole.