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Pier Property Corporation Website & Print Collateral

Print collateral is pivotal to a brand’s perception in the market. When done right, it accomplishes two things: firstly, it further delineates a brand’s palette and solidifies their aesthetic; secondly, and more importantly, its quality and tactility express the brand to the target market via touch, effectively conveying not just how the brand looks, but how their approach, their service offering, feels.

A Capability Statement may be a company’s most important piece of print collateral. It effectively distils and succinctly articulates the background, capabilities, major achievements and current market position of the business. Accordingly, as a document defined by its intention to set the company apart from competitors, it pays to thoroughly consider not only its content, but its form.

Fortunately, Pier Property Corporation had an attractive pre-existing brand and colour palette for us to work with, and were more than happy to allow us some creative license in applying that brand to their new Capability Statements, along with our complete overhaul of their existing company website.

Printed on premium stock, perfect bound and embellished with both an emboss and a blind spot UV of their brand pattern, our stunning Capability Statements have resulted in glowing praise from PPC stakeholders, and we have every hope they should result in some new business leads for the firm.

Just a little extra attention to detail can result in a completely different product. By adding fine details such as a blind emboss and perfect binding, we were able to lift the print collateral from something that otherwise may have been a bit pedestrian to something that takes pride of place in the office lobby and boardroom table.