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Refined Lindfield

When Mayrin approached us to brand their signature collection of new apartments on Sydney’s leafy North Shore, they emphasised that this development was defined by detail. Every detail of every apartment has been considered in depth, and designed for both practicality and pleasure.

When positioning any company’s product — whether a property development or anything else — ultimately the campaign approach needs to reflect and reinforce the brand behind the product. Our holistic approach to brand development ensures companies and their products work synergistically, reinforcing the brand at all points of communication.

By designating the apartment development Refined by Mayrin, we were able to effectively co-brand the project and its developer. The goal was to simultaneously increase brand awareness for the developer while bolstering the development’s brand position by leveraging the reputation of the team behind it. As a result, Refined by Mayrin has become an iconic development in the North Shore market, and Mayrin an even more widely recognised name in the industry.