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Roche Group

With a growing portfolio of residential, tourism and agricultural assets, Roche Group holds position as one of Australia’s premier development companies. Accordingly, we’ve been delighted to develop an ongoing partnership with Roche Group to not only revitalise their existing corporate branding, but to create fresh, complementary brands for their projects throughout New South Wales.

In part drawing on the company’s existing brand and achitectural aesthetic, we set about establishing a core palette of natural tones, inspired by the landscapes in which Roche Group develops. After modernising their existing brand insignia and fine-tuning their verbal tone, we created a brand new website designed to clearly delineate Roche Group’s portfolio and establish it as an umbrella company with a number of asset categories. In helping more clearly define Roche Group’s portfolio in an intuitive and clearly hierarchised format, the new responsive website has helped to define what Roche Group does for its clients, while their bold new branding has helped define who they are as a company.

Some of our most exciting and successful projects are those in which clients entrust us to partner with them for an ongoing branding relationship. Where we have been able to develop both the company’s brand itself, as well as for those projects within its portfolio — that’s where you begin to see the most brand cohesion and synergy, and ultimately the most significant market traction.