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seaton rose bay

Architecture and location-inspired design.

Multipart Property, MHN Design Union and Integer brought together these remarkable apartments in Rose Bay, positioned just moments from the sea. Drawing our inspiration from Rose Bays’ vibe as a sea town, Seaton Rose Bay harnessed and synthesised the building’s unique architecture with the surrounding natural environment to create a harmony of product and design. The thick bold lines of the architecture were incorporated into our artwork and combined with organic wave elements, inspired by surrounding waterways.

Ideally there should be unity between the product and the campaign that supports it; you should be able to look at the product and look at the campaign and see a kind of harmony there. With Seaton we achieved this in spades: from the thick borders to the style of photography and organic elements, it all just makes visual and conceptual sense.

A unique sales brochure for a unique property.

We created an incredible dual-size sales booklet for Seaton, comprising a 24-page insert, a 320gsm premium oversized cover, and supporting floor plan brochures. These were supported by an extensive EDM promotional campaign, featuring the iconic branding and linking to a custom, mobile-enhanced website.