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Sequoia Penthouse
Thredbo Village

As one of Thredbo’s most luxurious and awarded ski chalets, Sequoia Penthouse at Thredbo required not only a stunning comprehensive website, but indeed its own brand aesthetic and tone of voice. At once opulent and personable, our custom branding effectively distills both the essence and aesthetic of Sequoia’s unique five-star offering.

With our extensive background in property marketing, we’re perpetually cognisant of the fact that selling property entails selling a story; an emotion; the anticipation of a future reality. Likewise, when telling this particular story of accommodation, our hope was to convey, without embellishment, what a stay at Sequoia Penthouse feels like.

By utilising rich and evocative language, combined with a mixture of professional and amateur local photography, the Sequoia Penthouse branding and website successfully convey to guests what they can expect, and what they have to look forward to.