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sixteen on smallwood homebush

A story began with a unique address…

McGrath Estate Agents commissioned us to execute a campaign for a set of apartments in the leafy, well-connected suburb of Homebush. In an area with a large number of apartments currently in development, it was imperative that the name and campaign of this project stood head and shoulders above the competition. The plan was to create a brand that had a personality all of its own. Sixteen on Smallwood is class made friendly; luxury made accessible. From image captions to colours and large-format advertising, every element of the campaign formed a coherent narrative of nostalgia meets new, with the core brand message conveying visually and verbally that ‘life begins at Sixteen.’

Both McGrath Estate Agents and Landcon Developments reported a sales response far exceeding competitor results in the opening weeks of the campaign.
Our favourite projects are often those where we get to push in a direction no one else seems to be heading. With so many competing developments in Homebush, it was imperative that Sixteen on Smallwood was visually and conceptually unique.