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the henderson Alexandria

It’s just… so Alexandria

It’s a relief when a developer not only wants to retain but to completely embrace the history and aesthetic of an area, and Scott Carver and Woolloomooloo Properties took historically-inspired development to a new level. The Henderson’s distinctive organic curvature pays homage to the Art Deco common to the area’s past, which inspired the entire palette of our campaign, while the strong brickwork set in place the bold geometric aesthetic for the collateral and display suite. The headline ‘so Alexandria’ continued a theme of respect and homage to an area locals are proud to call home.

By creating a campaign that was pared back and refined, we were able to produce a brand that effectively captured the history of the location, the evolving trends of the local landscape, as well as the distinctive architecture of the project itself.

Working within some difficult parameters.

With a difficult task of working within a very modestly sized (and curiously shaped) space, we managed to create a unique and impactful display suite, with custom-made shelving and framed photography to tie in with the themes of local pride, history and homeliness.