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One of our proud clients and collaborators, we have been working with Trumen since 2007. With over $900m worth over projects overseen, Trumen Corp is an established industry leader in mixed-use, commercial and industrial estates and storage facilities. With that being the case, they were justifiably cautious when we discussed how were were going to refine, re-energise and gently reposition their existing brand and marketing collateral.

Utilising the brand’s recognisable palette of black, white and green, we began by modernising Trumen’s brand insignia, with elegant typography and spacing. We then created a brand new website from the ground up, optimised perfectly for mobile, along with supporting print collateral and stationery.

There’s something liberating about a blank canvas; about being able to take a brand in a number of competing but viable directions. In the case of Trumen, the key was constraint: how to modernise and raise the brand without compromising existing brand recognition.