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Vantager Group

Sydney property developer Vantager Group has a track record of developing exceptional homes in a number of locations throughout NSW, each of which is underpinned by a strong development brand and marketing campaign (and several of which we helped conceive).

He assisted to effectively umbrella their developments while complementing the premium aesthetic and build of their various projects by developing their identity across new stationery, signatures and website.

It’s remarkable how something as simple as a shade of very gently burnt orange can take on a life of its own and become such a distinctive mark of a brand. Even internally as we work, Vantager Group’s collateral is immediately recognisable among a stack of documents. That brand recognition is priceless, and ultimately what encourages repeat business. Accordingly, that’s what we harnessed when structuring the roll-out of Vantager’s new branded elements, both print and digital.